Performance Management: Growing and Developing Employees

Ready to do less work? We’ll introduce you to proven tools you can use to develop the people you work with.


A lot of people feel their hearts sink when they hear the words “performance management”. These words often conjure up images of criticism and blame for their production at work.


However, the reality is that performance management is one of the best ways for you to support the growth and development of the people you work with.


When you’re leading people, getting more out of your employees requires a lot more than just increasing their salary. This isn’t the kind of webinar where we beat around the bush for 40 minutes then pitch you on our products at the end. We’re here to introduce you to actionable information you can use TODAY to create engagement at work.


Pleading with your team to do more during a meeting or trying to incentivize them with prizes isn’t enough. Meeting your profit targets and the goals given to you buy your boss requires you to use a proven system that will help your employees grow both personally and professionally.


When you fail to develop the people you work with, you’ll be stuck picking up the slack for your team.

In this webinar, we’ll look at:

  • Why performance management is not a bad word

  • How you can use performance management to grow and develop your employees

  • How you can use performance management to prevent burn and deal with underperformers


If you manage people and you’re ready to do less work by enhancing collaboration, you can benefit from this webinar. This webinar will be especially useful for leaders who are looking for a system they can use to engage the people they work with and build a productive workforce.


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