Ultimate Potential’s Team

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis - CEO at Ultimate Potentials
Phyllis is an experienced international executive coach who works with organizations and individuals to realize their full potential. With a focus on employee and organizational success, she helps businesses sharpen their skills by coaching them on how to operationalize what they have learned in training. By using the most current strategies and theories in the field of Coaching, Business, Psychology, and Spirituality, Phyllis designs & delivers effective coaching & training that enables enterprises to achieve extraordinary results in all of their endeavours.
David Braun - Resident Coach & Trainer
David is a certified Mediator who holds bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Conflict Resolution and a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology. David has extensive experience working with a wide variety of organizations, from healthcare, government, finance and more. He has traveled throughout Europe, Asia and North America teaching on variety of topics while doing interventions in diverse organizations. For the past 20 years, he has been known as an exciting and informative consultant, whose perceptive and practical insights empower leaders to excel and grow."
Chrispin Ntungo - Lean Expert
Dr. Chrispin Ntungo is an ASQ Certified Quality Process Analyst and senior member of the American Society for Quality. Dr. Chrispin helps Ultimate Potentials maximize customer value while minimizing waste. He has helped develop certified quality management systems, provided training in Quality Assurance Principles and is experienced in leading in organizational culture change.
Daryl Wright - Developer
Daryl is a technology advisor who specializes in helping businesses translate their operations into innovative software solutions. He has written software for nearly 20 years and has spent over a decade providing technical expertise in several industries. Daryl is a proud husband, dog parent, and a diehard Winnipeg Jets fan.
Asante Jarvis - Content Manager
Asante is responsible for spreading Ultimate Potential's message online. He is an experienced writer who helps people create engaging content campaigns. Asante is behind Ultimate Potential's videos, articles & social media presence.
David Carey - Resident Coach & Trainer
David holds a Masters of Arts in Leadership degree, an ACC designation with the International Coaching Federation and is certified in emotional intelligence. He is passionate about helping leaders discover their full potential, realize their dreams, and transform their organizations. As both trainer and coach, David’s practical, insightful style challenges clients to examine their perceptions and connect their vision with their values.
Sharon Jordan - Clinical Social Worker
Sharon Jordan is passionate about supporting people in reaching their highest potential using a holistic mental wellness approach. Having spent the past 15 years working with people from different cultures and backgrounds grappling with harsh realities, she is knowledgeable of the contemporary social issues and mental health issues that can increase a person’s need for support in their life and relationships.