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01 Mar

IDARE Work course participant

I used this (IDARE) a while back with a staff and it was HIGHLY effective. I also shared my core belief with them as well and we understand each other much more and allows me to respond to various things that happen that will reach her.  

01 Mar

Ying Han

Phyllis is an amazing coach’s coach, she brings strength and clarity to my decisions and has provided valuable perspectives, all while standing in my power. Thank you Phyllis for championing for me.

01 Mar

J.E. – Winnipeg – Personal Coaching

You can say that I stumbled in to your office a complete mess!! Now I’m done school, have my wife back and am planning on excelling in my new career!! I really do give you a lot of credit for this transformation!!

01 Mar

Manitoba Canola Growers

IDARE I think will work for me in all situations. We all are now thinking how we can use this to develop a better Board and develop into a great company.

11 Jan

C. Dorge

The way my thoughts and mind process has changed is remarkable, many unwanted thoughts have been switched off with the knowledge and information I have received through reading the material and discussions during the program.

11 Jan

Barney Smith

“Great theme, just what we were looking for. Easy to install, easy to navigate. Well documented. Really enjoyed the support team diagrams. Good job!”