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[dm3_testimonial authorname=”IDARE Work course participant’s commenting on IDARE Coaching Framework” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]

I used this a while back with a staff and it was HIGHLY effective. It helped me to understand them so much better. I also shared my core belief with them as well and we understand each other much more and allows me to respond to various things that happen that will reach her.


[dm3_testimonial authorname=” P. Freeman – Manitoba, Canada. Personal Coaching Client” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]

I can truly say that your program has changed my life about how I think and feel.  I am amazed at the moments I have had over the past few months that bring me back to your manual and even read the notes that I took during our chats on the phone.

One of our first chats we had which was a couple years ago you shared with me a story about your own family. Because of this story the ideas I adopted from it have resulted over the past year in my brother and I becoming much closer. I thought you may find this useful as to how your program has helped me and is continuing to help me.

I often think about your words and I thank you for your continued help[/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=” Ying Han” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]Phyllis is an amazing coach’s coach, she brings strength and clarity to my decisions and has provided valuable perspectives, all while standing in my power. Working with her is easy, her leadership and confidence is infectious, and our sessions always leave me ready to act and go. Thank you Phyllis for championing for me.[/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=” J.E. – Winnipeg – Personal Coaching” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]You can say that I stumbled in to your office a complete mess!! Now I’m done school, have my wife back and am planning on excelling in my new career!! I really do give you a lot of credit for this transformation!! [/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=” J.E. – Winnipeg – Personal Coaching” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]What a different meeting when I had those tools (How to ask Questions using A.D.C.A and how to give Feedback). The meeting went great!!

The main project manager (division manager) was at the meeting and it was also interesting to hear the way he listened, asked questions then proposed solutions. It probably wasn’t ADCA he was using, but it was something close to it.Thanks!! [/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=”C. Dorge” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]The way my thoughts and mind process has changed is remarkable, many unwanted thoughts have been switched off with the knowledge and information I have received through reading the material and discussions during the program. I recommend anyone who is having any kind of struggle reaching their best life to give Phyllis Reid Jarvis a call. [/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=”M. Simmons” authordescription=”Winnipeg,Manitoba” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]All my life I have struggled with setting and achieving goals. Since I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of this life changing program, I have seen big changes in my perspective and thought process which are enabling me to obtain goals I had long thought were unattainable. I am still on the journey, moving forward each day with great anticipation to see the results! Thanks to Phyllis and her desire to share her knowledge, many people will be blessed! [/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=”Holly Thede” authordescription=”Resources Assistant Pulford Community Living Services Inc.” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]I would have to say that I tremendously enjoyed my Essential Coaching Skills course that I participated in with Phyllis Reid- Jarvis. Every one of Phyllis’s teachings was full of passion, knowledge, creativity and productivity. Every student in the class was involved and interested in the material being presented, and each person walked out with much more than they walked in with. The information taught was practical,relatable and transferable.[/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=”J. Winter” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]Phyllis is very friendly and professional. Her knowledge of healthy eating has really helped me focus on my goal of lowering my cholesterol. I also liked that we were able to do all the consultation over the phone. Her flexible format was very much appreciated. I highly recommend her services. [/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=”KD” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]Phyllis’ consistent positivity combined with her intelligent insights and determined spirit to keep you working towards your stated goals make her an excellent coach. She has a wide variety of tools at her disposal and combines these with caring, honest, and practical recommendation for her clients.[/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=”T.P. Client” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]I met with Phyllis a few times to discuss some goals. I was finding myself unfocused and lacking confidence. Phyllis was able to decipher some things I was saying and reiterate them in a way that made sense and made me see what I was doing, to keep setting myself up for failure. I felt more focused after our time together. Her friendly, approachable manner makes her so easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend Phyllis for life coaching and goal setting.[/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=”Manitoba Child Care Association, Conference Participant” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]Thank you, this training has opened up my eyes to positive problem solving.[/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=”Manitoba Child Care Association, Conference Participant” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]Very informative presenter, very hands on and engaging. Makes you think and is willing to help.[/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=”Manitoba Canola Growers” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=”canolagrowers.com/”]I am looking at every situation differently. I now ask more questions and I am trying not to expect things from people. I sometime let little things bug me and wonder why everyone cannot think like me. I am now thinking how IDARE can help me with my job and my family life.[/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=”Manitoba Canola Growers” authordescription=”” photo=”” authorwebsite=”canolagrowers.com/”]IDARE I think will work for me in all situations. We all are now thinking how we can use this to develop a better Board and develop … into a great company. It is now but we always can improve.[/dm3_testimonial]

[dm3_testimonial authorname=”H. Khanijo, Client” authordescription=”Winnipeg, Manitoba” photo=”” authorwebsite=””]I met Phyllis in 2009 after my family doctor recommended I see a nutritionist in order to reduce my weight. Phyllis started off by asking me what I eat in a typical week. In her initial assessment, she had advised on small, simple changes (that would have a big impact with time). Phyllis took the time to understand me, and my needs. Having PCOS, a vegetarian and anemic didn’t stop her from creating a meal plan that would help me in the areas that I struggle with. Her check-in’s were close together to ensure that I was being honest to myself (since I was literally addicted to Coca Cola and Kit Kat).

Within 4 months, I had dropped 16 lbs. Eating well is not the only thing Phyllis focuses in on. She looks at you in a holistic view. As a life coach, she has helped me achieve acceptance (even when I really don’t want to accept it, but know it’s the best thing to do). She has made me take an alternative approach when handling stressful situations, and has made me understand that it’s ok when things necessarily don’t go in the direction I would like it go in. In total, I have been meeting with Phyllis for the last 6 years.

Each time I meet her, something has changed within my life, which brings out new challenges for Phyllis to work with. She takes on those challenges with a smile, and most times, she’s already thought up a plan in her mind before I can even leave her office. Phyllis’s success comes from seeing her clients succeed. Her passion is what drives her and her many years of experience is her asset which makes her successful in what she does. Phyllis will challenge you in order to get out of that “comfort” zone. As she would say “what’s stopping you?” We as humans are capable of doing so much, sometimes we need a little push to get us going. [/dm3_testimonial]