IDARE In the Workplace

5- Simple Steps Designed to Deliver Performance!
Example of IDARE in Action During a Performance Coaching Session

IDAREThe coach gets the coachee to identify…Results
Gets clear on the organization’s goals
What do I believe?
Why do I do what I do?
How can I?
What is my goal?
By starting with Intention the coachee is able to better identify their purpose, reasons and core beliefs- all of which are strong motivators!
Identifies barriers that are in their way
What’s in it for me?
What are my choices?

How much do I want to achieve?
This is the radio frequency the coachee is constantly tuned to- WIIFM- What’s In It For Me.
Identifies resources needed to achieve goals

What is my attitude toward the intended action?
What are the top actions I must take?
When will I take action?
Action may be stalled or delayed depending on there independent influencers.

These three will determine the coachee’s ability to take action.
Helps to plan and set goals
Are the results what I want?

Are the results what my team wants?

Are the results what are best for the organization?

Are the results helping me and the team to grow?
Most people know what they do.

They can see the actions taken.

They can see the results. They can see the consequences of action or inaction.

Identifies barriers that are in their way

Identifies what is needed to overcome barriers
What worked well for me today?

Why did it work well?

How can I do more of what worked well today?

What didn't work well for me today?

Why did it not work well?
Increases self-proficiency.
Creates responsibility in coachee for outcomes.

Increases engagement of coachee from start to finish.
Enhances leadership skills in coachee.
Strengthens self-management skills in coachee.