I.D.A.R.E Course…Equipping Professionals For Today’s Work Environment

Dear Internship Director:

More than 20 years ago as a young Dietitian intern I was informed by our then Internship Director, that my cohorts and I will be required to take a speech dynamics course.

We were not impressed that additional work and cost were being placed upon us. We reluctantly agreed and today, 20 years later I admit that was one of the best decisions made on my behalf. I continue to use these skills every day of my personal and professional lives.

I am writing to introduce you to IDARE Work: Coaching Performance, an online course on how to use leadership and coaching tools to plant confidence, build empathy and create work environments that are more meaningful.

I understand the importance for newly trained professionals to have different tools in their tool boxes when entering today’s complex and rapidly changing work environment.

Having taught this course at post-secondary institutions and within various organizations, I have seen how it has contributed to individuals’ learning and professional development.

This introductory course to professional coaching is taught by a Professional Certified Coach with over 20 years’ experience as a licensed health care professional working directly with clients and organizations.

How Do We Equip New Professionals for Today’s Work Environment?

We use the I.D.A.R.E Coaching Framework©.   I.D.A.R.E is an acronym:

I- is the coachee’s INTENTION-what they really want to achieve.

D- is the coachee’s DESIRE to look for solutions.

A- are the ACTIONS the coachee has agreed to take.

R-are the RESULTS achieved

E- is the EVALUATION process the coachee uses to ascertain the effectiveness of their actions and results achieved.

The IDARE Work Course is designed to show participants how to use the I.D.A.R.E steps to achieve the following Goals:

  1. How to use the I.D.A.R.E Coaching Model © as a communication tool for working with clients to achieve sustainable health practices
  2. How to use the I.D.A.R.E Coaching Model ©  to work with colleagues and direct reports to achieve desired organizational and departmental outcomes
  3. Practice using the I.D.A.R.E Coaching Model© in a number of work and client-related case studies

Learning Objectives:  

At the end of the course, participants will be able to use the I.D.A.R.E Coaching Model© to work with clients and colleagues in a variety of personal and professional situations such as:

  • Assess readiness for change and to build presence and rapport with clients
  • Help clients identify their intentions and desired solutions to achieve their goals
  • Work with clients to prioritize actions, accept actions and follow through and follow up on actions
  • Assess results and evaluate progress in relationship to identified intention

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course participants will be able to use the I.D.A.R.E Coaching Model© to:

  • Move clients closer to achieving their desired goals
  • Identify both internal and external challenges faced by clients
  • Coach clients how to use the 5-steps in the I.D.A.R.E Coaching Model© to identify their intentions and build self-accountability
  • Effectively communicate their ideas and suggestions to team members higher up in the organization or those who report up to them
  • Engage, communicate and work collaboratively with difficult families and coworkers

I am happy to speak with you to answer any questions you might have. Or to deliver a no-cost brief presentation at one of your meetings.

I can be reached at 204-229-2634 or email living@ultimatepotentials.com

I look forward to speaking with you!

Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, Mph, RD, PCC, Director at Ultimate Potentials Corporation