Engaging In Healthy Conflict Webinar

Don’t Let Conflict Overtake Your Workplace!

If you work with people you will have conflict. Conflict is natural and can be quite productive- IF, as a leader you know how to make conflict work for your team.

If you and your employees dread meetings because they are boring; don’t seem to amount to any good; and leave you feeling drained and wasted-could be you and your team are lacking in two key traits for healthy teams:

1. Real trust and 2. Productive conflict.


This upcoming Valentines day we’ll be talking about what it takes to truly come together in the workplace. We’ll talk about how to manage conflict and not let it sabotage your teamwork.

At the end of this webinar, you’ll know:

• The difference between productive and destructive conflicts
• How to build an environment where employees are free from fear
• Tools & tactics to build real trust among employees and with their leader


Who should attend this session?

Our webinars are suitable for all employees within the workplace who are interested in their personal and professional growth.


This webinar is especially suitable for managers/leaders who are looking for a structured way they can engage their direct reports to build a productive and highly engaged workforce.

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